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#Passezalouest with the high-speed line

High-speed line in Britanny in 2017 !

You couldn’t have missed the new, the high-speed line is coming very soon in Brittany ! It will be available on 2nd of July and marks the beginning of a new age.

For the luckiest (departure from Rennes), it will possible to join Paris in less than one hour and a half. And also in South Britanny the time saving is huge ! From Quimper, the capital will be accessible in less than 4 hours ! A very very good new for all our visitors from Paris. Moreover, it will include one more return trip Paris-Quimper each day.

Another good new, the destinations in Finistère are those for which the augmentation of ticket price are the lowest. The tickets are on sale since yesterday Wesneday the 15th of March and the timeline for this summer and autumn available on: timetable high-speed line Quimper-Paris

For this special occasion, the region launched a communication campaign… humoristic indeed ;) Have a glance on:

In 2017, #passezalouest !