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Adrénature Parc Aventure

[Tuesday tip]

Trees are waiting for you at Adrénature Parc Aventure in Melgven ! Another season begins in 2017 until Novembre ! And this year too, they have prepared you some surprises : Quick Jump, two new courses and a net space without harness for children.

With Adrénature Parc Aventure, test your appetite for risk ! In the air, from the trees (35 meters for the highest, it gives height to fear!) , find your limits and overcome the obstacles step by step !

Mega Zipline (220m) bridge suspended, balance games, climbing wallthe course will be dificult and… extremely fun as well ! On 6 ha of forest, the Adrénature becomes your giant playground for hours of adrenaline ! Thanks to its 11 courses with several difficulty levels adapted for all the family, everyone will find the better option, adults as well as kids (from 3 years old). Within family or friends, at Adrénature Parc Aventure, you will have an entertaining sporting day ! And with the continue lifeline system, have fun without any risk !

Last but not least, the parc is eco friendly ; a good way to preserve this incredible site with lots of tree species, some centenarian !

And for the most adventurous, take on the challenge in July and August during the night courses ! Are you brave enough

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