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Welcome in Brittany, land of legends and traditions!

Take advantage of your stay in the five-star Sunêlia L’Escale Saint-Gilles campsite to discover Bénodet and its surroundings (Quimper, Concarneau, Locronan, Pont-Aven…). Located by the sea, in the charming small sea resort of Bénodet and opposite the Glenan archipelago, our campsite is the ideal starting point of your excursions and visits in the region.

Discover Bénodet and its beautiful beaches, the Glenan archipelago and its turquoise blue water, Quimper the City of Art and History or Concarneau and its famous “Ville-close” (walled town).

The best way to spend some unforgettable and relaxing holidays with your family in Brittany !


This lovely seaside resort of South Finistère is located by the Atlantic Ocean in South Brittany, at the mouth of one of the most beautiful river in France – the Odet river and it also faces The Glenan archipelago. Benodet offers numerous facilities and services for tourism, that make this city the place to come and stay at any time of the year. With its rich natural and architectural heritage, Benodet is a great city to discover with your family or friends during your holidays in our five-star campsite. So do not hesitate longer and come over to visit this beautiful area!

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The Benodet beaches

Find out about the four fine sandy beaches Benodet has:

  • The Trez Beach, the main beach of Benodet, located at the heart of the seaside resort. This fine sandy beach spreads over 600 meters on the Benodet bay
  • The Letty Beach with its fine sandbank and its White Sea lagoon is a very distinctive phenomenon in Brittany
  • The Saint-Gilles Beach with its small rocks is the perfect place for seashell-fishing, ans is located just in front of the campsite
  • The Coq beach between the river and the ocean, offers a breathtaking view over the port of Sainte-Marine. Ideally exposed to the sun, this is the ideal place to relax during your holidays in the l’Escale Saint-Gilles campsite.

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The Glenan archipelago

Turquoise-coloured water and fine sandy beaches make the Glenan islands a piece of paradise off the coast of Benodet for scuba diving lovers and hikers, in front of the campsite Sunêlia l’Escale Saint-Gilles. The diving lovers will admire the beauty of the sea while the hikers will look for the “Narcisse des Glénan”. The archipelago counts 7 islands, including the main island of Saint-Nicolas. 

Take advantage of your holidays in South Finistère to discover some beautiful places that are full of surprises. Come and explore the paradisiac landscapes and the exceptional biodiversity of this archipelago. A unique experience to spend unforgettable holidays in Southern-Brittany!


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The Odet river is known as the most beautiful river in France. The river runs from Saint-Goazec, across the city of Quimper and then flows into the Atlantic Ocean, in  Benodet.
Located only 1km away from the Sunêlia l’Escale Saint-Gilles campsite, the Odet river cruise offers various departures every day with or without a stop in Quimper! Just hop on board and you will discover some breathtaking landscapes and castles. During this boat trip, you will also have the opportunity to appreciate some beautiful manor houses with their parks and gardens.
And what about trying to go down the river by kayak (departure from Bénodet)? No matter what you choose, the Odet river is an absolute must-see during your holidays in the Sunêlia l’Escale Saint-Gilles campsite.

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Quimper, capital of Cornouaille, is a City of Art and History. The historical center of Quimper, the fortifications, the traditional half-timbering houses, the Saint-Corentin Cathedral, the Odet river… Here is a list of what you will find in this authentic town of Brittany.

Come and visit the medieval town center with its amazing cathedral. Stroll on the edges of the Odet river, discover the medieval jewels of the city as well as the Max Jacob theatre… You will love to stroll in these paved streets, wandering among the half-timbered houses and the small shops.

Take part in one of the various city tours that the Tourist Office organises and learn more about this City of Art and History.


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Locronan is one of the most beautiful villages in France that seduces old stones lovers and has inspired numerous artists. You will be amazed by its architectural heritage: the Saint-Ronan Church, the central place with granit houses, the chapel… Officially acknowledged as an historical site since 1924, Locronan is member of the “Plus Beaux Villages de France” association and is known as “Petite Cité de Caractère en Bretagne” (Brittany’s Small Town of Character)

The visit of Locronan is an essential stop during your holidays in the Sunêlia l’Escale Saint-Gilles campsite. This lovely village will surprise you with its authenticity. Off an alleyway you will discover old stones and blooming gardens as well as breathtaking historical monuments: the Saint-Ronan church standing on the main place, the houses of blue grey granit or the “Notre-Dame-de-Bonne-Nouvelle” chapel.

Make the most of your day there and stop in one of the many shops in the village centre to try regional products such as “kouign amann”, crêpes or one of the various specialities of South Finistère!

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Concarneau is a lovely seaside resort located in South Brittany. As well as being France’s third most important fishing port, Concarneau has other assets that make it a very popular summer resort. The main draw is the quaint Ville Close (walled town) followed by some lovely sandy beaches and a lively maritime festival in August. A place to visit during your holidays in Benodet!
Concarneau has made its living from the fishing industry for hundreds of years and the town remains an essential port: more than 100,000 tonnes of tuna are caught each year by Concarneau-based boats.
The Ville Close is without doubt Concarneau’s most popular tourist attraction. This old stone fortified town has just a few narrow streets filled with shops and restaurants, where geraniums tumble from window boxes. Take a walk around the balwark for spectacular views over the area. Near the entrance to the ville close is the Musée de la Pêche, where visitors can learn all about the fishing industry and visit an old trawler.
This seaside resort of South Finistere is a beautiful place to visit during your holidays in Brittany !



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Pont-Aven is known as the City of Painters. It is a small city located in South-Brittany, by the bank of the Aven river. Pont-Aven is famous for its windmills and its harbour. The beauty and the architectural treasures of Pont-Aven have inspired many artists over the past decades.

From 1865, a cosmopolitan group of artists began to gather and paint in Pont-Aven. It was only after 1886, however, that Gauguin, Bernard and Sérusier ensured Pont-Aven’s place in posterity with their new artistic concepts. Now known all over the world as the “School of Pont-Aven“, their movement is seen as one of the foundations of Modern Art. If you want to discover their story and work you can visit the Musée des Beaux-Arts (Fine Arts Museum), classified as a “Musée de France”. To understand the developments and the atmosphere of this period of history, what about choosing one of the guided visits of the town and the museum?

Pont-Aven has a great reputation for its butter biscuits known as ‘galettes’, but you will obvisouly find many other tasty biscuits and recipes. Sweet treats and Breton specialities are ready and waiting in the shops and in the market stalls (on a Tuesday morning). The hard part is choosing… !

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