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The most beautiful river in France

The Odet river is known as the most beautiful river in France. It runs from Saint-Goazec and flows into the Atlantic Ocean, in Benodet
Just hop on board and you will discover some breathtaking landscapes and castles. During this boat trip, you will also the opportunity to appreciate some beautiful manor houses along with their parks and gardens.
And what about trying to go down the river with a kayak (departure from Bénodet)?

The Odet is a beautiful river you have to see during your holidays in Finistère !

The Odet River: the most beautiful river of France

The Odet River takes its origin in the center of Brittany, in the lovely little town of Saint-Goazec, where you can also find the Trevarez Castle. It then goes through les “Montagnes Noires” (Black Mountains) and its unique landscapes and runs through the city of Quimper, before flowing into the Atlantic Ocean in Bénodet. Thanks to the breathtaking landscapes on its shores – castles and forests- but also to its shape and its clear water, the Odet River is known as the most beautiful river of France.

Cruise on the Odet River

Board on a boat for a cruise on the Odet river from Bénodet or Quimper, and discover the well-preserved environment, the beautiful castles with their parks and gardens as welle as the green forests that stretch on its shore.
Willing to discover Bénodet and its area in another way? What about trying to go down the river with a kayak (departure from Bénodet)? No matter what you choose, the Odet river is an absolute must-see during your holidays in the Sunêlia l’Escale Saint-Gilles campsite.