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The best of Brittany

Whether you are looking for breathgaking landscapes, a bit of culture or traditions, Brittany has something for everyone! Our campsite, ideally located in Brittany, is the perfect starting point to discover this beautiful region. First of all, here is a brief overview of must-visit during your stay!

  • Explore the Glenan islands
  • Visit Océanopolis in Brest
  • Discover Carnac megalithic complex
  • Walk in the Walled City of Concarneau
  • Stroll along the fishing port of Douarnenez
  • Go to la Pointe du Raz
  • Discover the architectural treasures of Quimper and go shopping in the old town-city
  • Watch the trawlers enter the port of Guilvinec and visit the offshore auction
  • Take part to music festival, such as the Interceltics in Lorient
  • Visit the Éric Tabarly museum
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Places and destinations in Brittany

Breton Cornouaille

In the heart of the Cornouailles, your Sandaya l’Escale Saint-Gilles campsite invites you to discover one of the most beautiful part of Brittany, which extends from the city of Pont-Aven to la Pointe du Raz and the island of Sein. In the heart of Cornouaille, the city of Quimper was built around the Odet river, also known as one of the most beautiful river in France.

Le Pays Bigouden

Le pays Bigouden extends from the West bank of the Odet river to Plozévet, around Guilvinec and Penmarc’h, Pont-L’Abbé and Saint-Guénolé. It is renowned for its rich culture and numerous traditions such as the traditional Breton costume.

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Markets in Brittany

Large or small markets, indoor or outdoor, in the morning or at night, year-round or in high season only… The markets are a perfect place if you want to have a taste of Brittany!
You will love to strall amongst the stalls, to look up some of Brittany’s Best: local products, organic food, delicatessen, crafts, clothing…
The markets in Brittany are the perfect place to discover our region and culture; just take your time, there is no rush, you are on holidays!
You can discover the Breton culture, taste the local products, buy souvenirs and gifts for friends, to put it short: just treat yourself!   Your week in South Brittany

  • Monday morning – Benodet
  • Tuesday morning – Pont Aven
  • Tuesday evening – Port La Forêt ( in July and August)
  • Wednesday morning – Penmarc’h (from mid-June to mid-June September) / Quimper
  • Thursday morning – Pont l’Abbé
  • Friday morning – Fouesnant/Concarneau
  • Saturday morning – Quimper
  • Sunday morning – La Forêt Fouesnant
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Water activities in Brittany

Sail in Finistère! The Finistère has an amazing 1200 km-long coastline where you will find changing landscapes. If you are keen on water sports, you are definitely in the right place!

Willing to discover Brittany in a brand new way? Have you thought about sailing? Live your life to the fullest and choose between: fishing, kitesurfing, sea class, surfing courses, kayaking, catamaran raid, dinghy rental, water walking, paddling, windsurfing, buoys… A wide range of activities are waiting for you, the hardest part will be to choose!

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The Breton coast and the hinterland offer are both very well-preserved and are the ideal place if you like to go hiking: from the Forêt de Brocéliande to the Crozon peninsula, the monts of Arrée, the Pointe du Raz, the banks of the lac de Guerlédan, the rias of the Odet and Aven rivers… The variety of landscapes is truly amazing.

Besides, nature in Brittany can be discovered on foot, riding or even on horseback. Outings accompanied by a nature guide are an opportunity to observe the different species of birds that live on the coast, but also to discover the marine fauna and flora of the foreshores or to admire the twilight ballet of starlings.

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The Breton coastline

With its wild landscapes punctuated by lively fishing ports, the Breton coastline will also seduce you with its variety of landscapes: pink rocks in Côtes-d’Armor, sandy  beaches in Morbihan, high cliffs stroke by the waves in Finistère… Look for some of our secret coves, have a stroll on our long sandy beaches or hike on one of our coastal paths offer!

The auctions of traditional fishing ports are located along the Breton coast alongside the elegant seaside resorts and the most welcoming marinas. Between waves and tides, there are many outdoor activities, from boating to surfing, fishing on foot, swimming and idleness.

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Breton Culture

With its medieval architectural treasures, its unique Neolithic testimonies, its amazing religious heritage and breathtaking monuments (including the highest lighthouses in Europe), Brittany has so much to offer! Visit one of its various museums and discover the traditions and know-how of the different Breton countries !

  • Le Pérennou (in Plomelin – South Finistère): the picturesque Château du Pérennou dominates the Odet valley and is surrounded by wonderful English-style gardens.
  • Pont Aven Museum: in the heart of the city of painters, this museum is dedicated to artists from the Pont Aven school and the Nabi movement. It houses works by Gauguin and Paul Sérusier.
  • Suscinio (in Sarzeau – on the Rhuys peninsula): the medieval castle of Suscinio was the residence of the dukes of Brittany.  It organises twice a week (over the summer only) a sound and light show, in a unique natural setting.
  • The Eckmühl lighthouse (at the tip of Penmarc’h): this 65 meter-high lighthouse was built at the very end of the 19th century; from the top of it, enjoy a panoramic view on the Audierne Bay. Before you are able to enjoy the view, you will have to climb its  307 steps. Night visits are offered in summer.
  • The citadel of Port-Louis: built by the Spanish in the 16th century, it is an impressive defensive complex that overlooks the bay of Lorient. The citadel houses the Museum of the East India Company, dedicated to the history of the colonial enterprise founded by Colbert.
  • The Saint-Corentin Cathedral of Quimper: a jewel of Gothic art that will surprise you with its choir. The arrows that now dominate the old town were added during the 19th century.
  • Le musée de la Faïence: Quimper has a museum dedicated to this craft tradition. This exhibition of 500 pieces, many of which are unique, will take you on a journey throughout the history of this local know-how.
  • Carnac megalithic complex: the set of megaliths aligned over hundreds of metres are famous throughout the world. Many dolmens, mounds and tumuli are also to be discovered in the area of Carnac.
  • Le château de Kerjean: an exceptional site located in Saint-Vougay in Finistère. The Renaissance castle of Kerjean has 25 rooms open to visitors and a 20 hectares estate where you can stroll.
  • Le musée de la Marine de Brest: located in the heart of the Brest castle. The Musée de la Marine goes through the history and traditions of shipbuilding.

Festivals and events in Brittany

Many traditional festivals take place during the summer; what about taking part to one of them during your holidays in our campsite in Brittany: The fest-noz is one of the most popular festivals in Brittany!

Here are some of the most famous festivals near Bénodet:

  • The pardons of St Anne (last Sunday in July), St Guénolé (1 Sunday in August), Kerbader (3rd Sunday in August), or Glénan (1st Sunday in September) are an opportunity to immerse yourself in an authentic and original culture.
  • The Festidreuz takes place at the beginning of July in Fouesnant, about 10 kms from the Escale Saint Gilles, the Festidreuz has become the festival of French creation.
  • Les Vieilles Charrues from 15/07 to 21/07/2021 is a must of eclecticism, which takes place each year in Carhaix. One of the country’s leading festivals, Les Vieilles Charrues is home to the greatest stars in France and elsewhere – a great celebration with many nuances and melodies !
  • Le Festival de Cornouaille in July Many free events and concerts will be offered: The Espace Saint-Corentin will live to the rhythm of the festoù-noz all week long, celebrating this UNESCO world heritage site as it should be. Every day, young and old will be able to learn Breton dance.
  • Le Mondial Folk – International Folklore Festival from in August. A festival that celebrates world music and song every year.
festival des vieilles charrues en Bretagne

Top 10 of cities you must visit while in Brittany

Whether you are looking for a bit of culture, a break away from the cities or a shopping trip, Brittany also has some small and medium-sized cities that you love to visit. Head for some of the most beautiful Breton cities:

  • Quimper: for its rich heritage, its medieval city heart, its amazing cathedral and the tradition of faience.
  • Lorient: its Interceltic music festival, its sailing Museum, its submarine base, its fishing port and the citadel of Port-Louis, headquarters of the East India Company.
  • Brest: a city of Art and History, the city of Ponant shelters essential sites such as its medieval castle which houses the Musée de la Marine, Océanopolis, the former Capuchin workshops, its famous port, or the pont de l’Iroise and its breathtaking view of the harbour.
  • Concarneau: not to be missed for its ramparts and the typical alleys of its enclosed city, its fishing museum or the visit of its auction.
  • Pont Aven: the city of painters is full of galleries and art workshops. The Fine Arts Museum houses works by Paul Gauguin, Paul Sérusier and Emile Bernard, as well as an important collection of contemporary works. The small town is also famous for its cakes called “galettes”.
  • Vannes: this fortified town opens onto the Golfe du Morbihan. You will love its half-timbered houses and its cobbled streets. Not to be missed: the Saint-Pierre cathedral, the marina, the ramparts or the aquarium.
  • Morlaix: on the pink granite coast, the city of Morlaix is famous for its row houses, its viaduct, its tobacco factories and its marina on the river.
  • Pontivy : in the hinterland, Pontivy is famous for its corbelled houses, its Napoleonic buildings and its imposing medieval Rohan castle.
  • Auray: between Vannes and Lorient, the pretty port of Auray is nestled at the bottom of the Loch ria. The city has two old districts, one on the heights and the other on the waterfront. The neo-Gothic basilica of Saint-Anne d’Auray is the first Catholic site in Brittany and a major pilgrimage site.
  • Pont l’Abbé: historic city and capital of the Bigouden country, Pont l’Abbé is famous for its castle and its inhabited bridge, its Gothic church Notre-Dame des Carmes and its private mansions.